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2021-07-13Contact forces in roughness discriminationUpdate
2021-07-07Tactile Echoes: Multisensory Augmented Reality for the Handkawazoe pub update
2021-06-23New Method to Measure End-to-End Delay of Virtual RealityUpdate
2021-06-16Perceived Softness of Composite Objectsupdate version, feature pub
2021-06-16Look but don't touch: Visual cues to surface structure drive somatosensory cortexupdate version, feature pub
2021-06-02Illusory 3-D rotation induced by dynamic image shadingchanged link to url doi
2021-06-02Short-term temporal recruitment in structure from motionchanged link to url doi
2021-06-02Spatial integration in structure from motionchanged link to url doi
2021-06-02Perception of shape properties from multiple cueschanged link to url doi
2021-06-02Kinesthetics of dancing vs. cyclical movementschanged link to url doi
2021-06-02Computationally efficient techniques for data-driven haptic renderingchanged link to url doi
2021-06-02Inconsistency of perceived 3D shapechanged link to url doi
2021-06-02Learning to use an invisible visual signal for perceptionchanged link to url doi
2021-06-02The rubber hand illusion: Feeling of ownership and proprioceptive drift Do not go hand in handchanged link to url doi
2021-06-02Perceived compliance in a pinchchanged link to url doi
2021-06-02Effects of visual-haptic asynchronies and loading-unloading movements on compliance perceptionchanged link to url doi
2021-06-02Multisensory simultaneity recalibration: storage of the aftereffect in the absence of counterevidencechanged link to url doi
2021-06-02The duration of uncertain times: Audiovisual information about intervals is integrated in a statistically optimal fashionchanged link to url doi
2021-06-02Multisensory Softnesschanged link to url doi
2021-06-02Timing Rhythms: Perceived Duration Increases with a Predictable Temporal Structure of Short Interval Fillerschanged link to url doi
2021-06-02Progressive co-adaptation in human-machine interactionchanged link to url doi
2021-06-02FMRI evidence for areas that process surface gloss in the human visual cortexchanged link to url doi
2021-06-02Depth: The Forgotten Dimension in Multisensory Researchchanged link to url doi
2021-06-02Temporal Regularity of the Environment Drives Time Perceptionchanged link to url doi
2021-06-02Optimal Perceived Timing: Integrating Sensory Information with Dynamically Updated Expectationschanged link to url doi
2021-06-02An experimental setup to test dual-joystick directional responses to vibrotactile stimulichanged link to url doi
2021-06-02Musical Scales in Tone Sequences Improve Temporal Accuracychanged link to url doi
2021-06-02Timing and Time Perception: Procedures, Measures, & Applicationschanged link to url doi
2021-06-02An Experimental Setup to Test Dual-Joystick Directional Responses to Vibrotactile Stimulichanged link to url doi
2021-06-02Touch with foreign hands: The effect of virtual hand appearance on visual-haptic integrationchanged link to url doi
2021-06-02Peri-personal space as a prior in coupling visual and proprioceptive signalschanged link to url doi
2021-06-02Modality-specific temporal constraints for state-dependent interval timingchanged link to url doi
2021-06-02The Effect of Hand Size and Interaction Modality on the Virtual Hand Illusionchanged link to url doi
2021-06-02The frequency of tactile adaptation systematically biases subsequent frequency identificationchanged link to url doi
2021-06-02The contributions of skin stretch and kinesthetic information to static weight perceptionchanged link to url doi
2021-06-02Tactile Echoes: A Wearable System for Tactile Augmentation of Objectschanged link to url doi
2021-06-02Perceptual Limits of Visual-Haptic Simultaneity in Virtual Reality Interactionschanged link to url doi
2021-06-02Exogenous cueing of visual attention using small, directional, tactile cues applied to the fingertipchanged link to url doi
2021-06-02Virtual grasping feedback and virtual hand ownershipchanged link to url doi
2021-06-02Haptic Sketches on the Arm for manipulation in virtual realitychanged link to url doi
2021-06-02Effects of Haptic Feedback on the Wrist during Virtual Manipulationchanged link to url doi
2021-06-02Static weight perception through skin stretch and kinesthetic information: detection thresholds, JNDs, and PSEschanged link to url doi
2021-06-02Methods, devices, and systems for creating localized haptic stimulations on a userchanged link to url doi
2021-06-02The Predictive Perception of Dynamic Vibrotactile Stimuli Applied to the Fingertip *changed link to url doi
2021-06-02Causality shifts the perceived temporal order of audiovisual events.changed link to url doi
2021-06-02Combination and integration in the perception of visual-haptic compliance informationUpdate
2021-06-02Locomotion Vault: the Extra Mile in Analyzing VR Locomotion Techniquesimprovements in graphics
2021-05-28PrendoSim: Proxy-Hand-Based Robot Grasp Generatoradded recent publications to first page
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2021-04-22Recalibration of multisensory simultaneity: Cross-modal transfer coincides with a change in perceptual latencyfeat
2021-04-21Percezione di superfici e illuminazione dinamicakeywords
2021-04-21The relation between disparity and velocity signals of rigidly moving objects constrains depth order perceptionkeywords
2021-04-21Temporal calibration between the visual, auditory, and tactile senses: A psychophysical approachkeywords
2021-04-21Motion primitives of dancingkeywords
2021-04-21Influence of visual and haptic delays on stiffness perception in augmented realitykeywords
2021-04-21Within- and cross-modal distance information disambiguate visual size-change perceptionkeywords
2021-04-21User-based evaluation of data-driven haptic renderingkeywords
2021-04-21Audiovisual asynchrony detection in human speech.keywords
2021-04-21Multisensory Perception: From Integration to Remappingkeywords
2021-04-21Exploratory reach-to-grasp trajectories for uncertain object poseskeywords
2021-04-21Multisensory contributions to spatial perceptionkeywords
2021-04-21Response time-dependent force perception during hand movementkeywords
2021-04-21Duration perception in crossmodally-defined intervalskeywords
2021-04-21Computational aspects of softness perceptionkeywords
2021-04-21Taking a long look at isochrony: Perceived duration increases with temporal, but not stimulus regularitykeywords
2021-04-21Speed/accuracy tradeoff in force perceptionkeywords
2021-04-21Filling the blanks in temporal intervals: The type of filling influences perceived duration and discrimination performancekeywords
2021-04-21Perceived time and temporal structure: Neural entrainment to isochronous stimulation increases duration estimateskeywords
2021-04-21For the Last Time: Temporal Sensitivity and Perceived Timing of the Final Stimulus in an Isochronous Sequencekeywords
2021-04-21Differential processing of binocular and monocular gloss cues in human visual cortexkeywords
2021-04-21Experimental Evaluation of Vibrotactile Training Mappings for Dual-Joystick Directional Guidancekeywords
2021-04-21Assessing Duration Discrimination: Psychophysical Methods and Psychometric Function Analysiskeywords
2021-04-21Temporal perceptionkeywords
2021-04-21Stimulus timingkeywords
2021-04-21Object shape and materialkeywords
2021-04-21Multisensory softnesskeywords
2021-04-21Multisensory perceptionkeywords